About Rock A Buy Baby Markets

These markets were born by two local mums who found a need for a place where parents could sell their quality baby and children’s items.

Michelle, a mum of 4, worked tirelessly to build the business and get the word out about the wonderful things on offer.

We wanted to ensure our markets were a place where we ticked all the boxes as far as being child and family-friendly.

We often went to markets to shop ourselves, and noticed areas of improvement. Such as larger isles for prams, friendlier atmosphere such as live music, goody bags that offered great advertising, specials, giveaways, and free lucky door prizes.

A place where no matter what your budget, families and children will find the best of things at a fraction of normal retail prices.

In no time the word was out and before we knew it we won the 2012 Quest Newspaper Business of the Year Awards.

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