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We love to support small businesses and Work At Home Mums who offer beautiful things to sell. Be a stall holder, so you can sell your wares, make some extra cash – and have a great time doing it.

All pre loved stalls once paid for are confirmed as attending the date they have booked. However, business stalls must be pre-approved. This is to ensure we do not have too many of one type of product being sold at the markets, so we can offer shoppers a great selection of stalls.

Stall Holder Options

Rock A Buy Baby Markets Stall Application

By applying for a stall at Rock A Buy Baby Markets I understand the following:

  • I have read the Terms & Conditions.
  • I understand that should I cancel my booking 4 weeks or more before the date I have booked I will get a 100% refund. Should I cancel between 2-4 weeks I will receive a 50% refund and should I cancel less than 2 weeks before the markets I will forfeit my stall booking. I am aware it also is not transferable to another month.
  • I understand I am responsible for my own goods I am selling to ensure they are clean and presentable, that they are all in working order, that they will do as I describe to the customer what they are meant to do.
  • I will leave my table and surrounding areas clean and free of rubbish. Should I leave rubbish in my area after I have left I am aware I will be billed a cleaning fee of $15.00
  • I understand I am not able to start packing my stall up prior to 12pm and also that I am not able to arrive to set up prior to 7.15am.
  • Should I not have arrived at the markets to set up by 8.00am and not have contacted Michelle by mobile I understand my stall area will be given away and I will forfeit my stall fee.
  • I understand that as soon as I have loaded my goods into the hall I MUSTmove my car to the rear of the car par or onto the street.
  • I understand that it is my own responsibility if I wish to insure my stall. I understand that Rock a buy baby markets has full $20 million public liability insurance and that this covers the event and the hall but does not cover any of my products or the way I set my products up. By this it means should something off your stall injure a shopper or stall holder this is my own responsibility.

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